Day 0 – Part 3: Trying to stay awake so that I will not get Jetlagged. Solution may shock you!

The udons and beer arrived within 10 minutes, and it was the first time I had them cold – it was an interesting experience. The cold noodles in contrast with the hot sauce created a nice temperature profile on my taste buds.  The service from the restaurant as you can expect from the Japanese was top class and I was treated as essentially their most important customer which was nice in comparison to being treated as just a number/pile of money in the UK. 

With lunch over it was now time to get back to the hostel and check-in.  My room was a mixed dorm style with a capsule type of bed. Yes, it was difficult to crawl into bed! Bed was clean and I had a small personal locker next to it. After getting refreshed it was time to head out and explore the land of the rising sun!